Saturday, 5 June 2010

Step by step: How to make Kanban Wobblers.

Hi there, I've been asked to make a card for my boyfriends (Alex) stepbrother Zak. Its his 6th birthday on the 11th of June. I recently just bought some kits from Kanban, Kanban Wobblers. These are cool, different cards with a wobble that and age will love.
I have the Cheeky Monkey card kit to show you today but there are many more to choose from.
In addition to the kit you will need either foam pads, double sided tape, silicone glue/pinflare glue also acetate. Colour card or paper for the rocker base.
These are the two sheets you get in the Kanban Wobblers kit.
Pop out the die cut pieces, or use a knife to cut where the pips are for a clean finish. You can also use a nail file to file the pips of if not satisfied with the finish.

Next i found some green paper to cover the base wobbler bit of the card with i stuck the paper on with double sided tape. I then folded it in half down the score line, use a bone folder if needed.

You can use the wobbler base as a template to cut out any card of your choice as well as covering it with paper. Other ideas for the base are painting it with your own design.

I then attached the arms with foam pads to the body to add depth to the card. Also added the tail to the back of the body with foam pads.

Next to attach the head.
To do this you can use the strips of card you get in the pack or cut your own out of acetate.
I used acetate, i cut a strip out and folded it to make a spring. I attached it to the top of the body and bottom of the head using pinflare glue gel.

Next step you can use one of the template strips inside the rocker stand, or use acetate like i have. Secure it with double sided tape or pinflare glue gel. The card can still be folded flat to post, but this ensures that the rocker stand will remain upright and wont fall over when on display.

Stick the body of the monkey onto the wobblers base using double sided tape or foam pads then you can use any of the other die cut elements in the pack. I didnt use any of the die cut elements as this card was for a boy so i used my mums Cricut machine to cut out the words Zak, today and the number 6 out miri card.
I also for an added touch stuck some googly eyes on to make him more charismatic.

I hope you enjoy making your own wobblers as much as i have.


Cards for Alex

It was my BoyFriends 23rd birthday last friday. Mum and I both make cards as a hobbie.
Here are the cards we made for his birthday.

This is the card Mum made for Alexs birthday, from the Gruffies pack brought to us by Joanna Sheen.
This is the card i made for Alexs birthday, he loves fishing so i thought it was rather apt!
Popcorn the Bear. This picture taken from the first collection Crafters Companion brought out of Popcorn, Birthdays, Florals and Mens.

Hope you like them both,
Cya soon